Cryptocurrency Basics
Course - Level 2

This is a 2 hour course designed as a continuation of the Cryptocurrency Basics Course. During this class you’ll get a practical approach on how to use exchanges, swapping coins and being able to transfer back and from fiat currency. In addition, you’ll learn about different crypto currencies available and why is it important to know what you are buying, as well as the potential future some of these projects have.

Price: $40 CAD

Course Outline:

Centralized Exchanges
– What are they and How they work?
– Setting one up
– Funding and Withdrawing

Swapping Crypto
– What is it?
– What’s the benefit?
– How does it work?

Decentralized Exchanges
– How they work? (Smart Contracts)
– Benefits compared to Centralized ones

Overview of different Cryptos
– Utility Coins
– Meme Coins
– Future of Crypto